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MATTE – Top Coat

Isn’t it nice to be able to play around with options?

Yes it is! Some will like it shiny and others well, a few, just like the matte finish of things!

Even now with your own personal nail look, you can decide what you want to give your nails; a shiny or matte finish.

For those you would want that matte finish… keep on reading!

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Application notes for your Complete Starter Kit

This information will be for all of you who has bought a Complete Starter Kit Box.

The application notes are provided inside of your Complete Starter Kit box, but should you loose these notes somewhere; don’t worry it is available to you online, right here.

Here it is:

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Removal Difficulties

Lets talk about a few inquiries concerning that you are having difficulties removing your Logik Gel Polish.

Logik Gel Polish soak off in only 15min if it was correctly applied and used all the necessary methods to correctly remove the Logik Gel Polish from the nail plate.

Logik Gel Polish will flake off and leave the nail by itself if you follow correct application and procedures.

Look at these tips to help you to remove your Logik Gel Polish easily.

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Logik Gel Polish Colours

It is great to be able to choose from a wide range of high gloss, vibrant colours that LASTS in the Logik Gel Polish LED nail system. It gives you the opportunity to create beautiful funky nail art or an overlay with a difference. You can apply one colour over another colourto create a new shade every time. Especially if you paint a glitter or a colour effect over the current colour, you can enjoy a new colour shade on your nails.

Here we will keep you up to date, as soon as a new colour is added to the Logik Gel Polish colour range.

Below are the colours available:

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