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Peel off – Nail Latex

For all the art lovers out there….

We also have the new Peel off Nail Latex available for purchase.

All the art lovers when doing nail art will know exactly what this product is and how to use it! For those who don’t know, here it is..

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MATTE – Top Coat

Isn’t it nice to be able to play around with options?

Yes it is! Some will like it shiny and others well, a few, just like the matte finish of things!

Even now with your own personal nail look, you can decide what you want to give your nails; a shiny or matte finish.

For those you would want that matte finish… keep on reading!

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NON WIPE – Top Coat

I would like to really take a moment and explain and discuss the following product with you!

Please read the info I give to you carefully, as it will greatly help you make a good choice with your next purchase!! That is, when you will purchase a Gel polish Top Coat!

I will discuss with you the NON-WIPE TOP COAT of LOGIK GEL POLISH!

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New – Complete Starter Kit

The Nail House has just make it more convenient than ever to do your own nails professionally.

Below is the new COMPLETE Starter kit with the following contents, already available for purchase on our online shop on the Logik Gel Polish website:

Get is NOW! It is new, complete and convenient!


COMPLETE STARTER KIT: 1 x Top Coat 1 x Base Coat 1 x P.F. Bond 1 x Nail Prep 1 x French White 2 x Colours – FOR FREE 1 x 9W LED lamp 1 x Twisted Emery Board 1 x Instruction DVD included