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NON WIPE – Top Coat

I would like to really take a moment and explain and discuss the following product with you!

Please read the info I give to you carefully, as it will greatly help you make a good choice with your next purchase!! That is, when you will purchase a Gel polish Top Coat!

I will discuss with you the NON-WIPE TOP COAT of LOGIK GEL POLISH!

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Good Housekeeping

Normally we would talk about doing nails, nail products and more about nails, nails and nails! But what about everything else that goes hand in hand with the whole doing nails part as a whole? Let’s talk about your working environment. Remember that you will be seeing a large base of different clients and you would want to take the necessary precautions and safety steps to ensure that you do the nails in a clean and dust-free environment.

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