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Good Housekeeping

Normally we would talk about doing nails, nail products and more about nails, nails and nails! But what about everything else that goes hand in hand with the whole doing nails part as a whole? Let’s talk about your working environment. Remember that you will be seeing a large base of different clients and you would want to take the necessary precautions and safety steps to ensure that you do the nails in a clean and dust-free environment.

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Cuticle Oil

It is critical to moisturize your hands and nails at least once a day, or after your hands were in contact with water. Failure to do this can result in very dry hands and nails. Dry nails are weak. It will break and split easily. There are many different kinds of hand creams and cuticle oils on the market today. The one cuticle oil I will highly recommend is the Protein Nutrient AMAZING CUTICLE AND NAIL OIL from THE NAIL HOUSE. This cuticle oil is exactly that! The name says it all! Amazing! The key ingredients in this cuticle oil is; Anti-Fungal, Tea-Tree oil and pure Vitamin E. A very good product for a must everyday use with Anti-oxidant and healing properties. I have used various types of cuticle oils in the past until I discovered this amazing cuticle oil. I am a loyal user of this product for many years now and can’t be without it ever again. It always travels with me wherever I go!

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