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Your Gel Polish bottle has been standing for a while…

Let’s discuss this topic in a nutshell quickly…

I often get these questions about the gel polish colours that is not the same anymore when you open your bottle after a while; after NOT using a specific colour, so here is what you can do…

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Why is my gel polish lifting?

You have managed to get hold of one of our DIY kits or bought Logik Gel Polish nail products individually.

Now you find yourself in a bit of a pickle because your gel polish seem to be lifting for some reason.

Your gel polish will either lift in the front on the free edge or it will lift in the cuticle area.

These are the reasons why to help you with your application the next time around when you do a fresh overlay on your nails. Look out for these…

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Possible reasons for bubbles on nail surface

Recently I have found a few inquiries about bubbles on the nail surface when applying the gel polish.

Now for this specifically there can be a number of reasons why this may happen. The reason for it may also differ from person to person according to the application methods and handling of the gel polish product.

Herewith a list of possible reasons will follow why bubbles can appear on the nail surface of the Logik gel polish application.

It can be only one of the following reasons or it might be more than one or a combination of these reasons that might result in bubbles on the nail surface during your application.

Therefore from the start of each step; from preparation up to the finished product you will have to stick to the correct application and handling to ensure a long lasting, durable, flawless overlay on your nails.

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After Care! Maintenance of your Natural nails and Overlay

Prevention is always better than cure! Good grooming is essential to keep hands and feet in good health. As with anything in life, the more you care and maintain something the better results you get out of anything!

While your nails are growing, natural nail will appear between the cuticle and the gel polish product on your nails. During this growing period, you MUST take care of your nails and the product to get the MOST out of the wearing time of the gel polish on your nails.

The growth rate of the natural nail will determine the frequency of maintenance to be done to keep your nails looking like new and neat throughout the time of wearing the gel polish product on your nails.

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