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Your Gel Polish bottle has been standing for a while…

Let’s discuss this topic in a nutshell quickly…

I often get these questions about the gel polish colours that is not the same anymore when you open your bottle after a while; after NOT using a specific colour, so here is what you can do…

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Peel off – Nail Latex

For all the art lovers out there….

We also have the new Peel off Nail Latex available for purchase.

All the art lovers when doing nail art will know exactly what this product is and how to use it! For those who don’t know, here it is..

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MATTE – Top Coat

Isn’t it nice to be able to play around with options?

Yes it is! Some will like it shiny and others well, a few, just like the matte finish of things!

Even now with your own personal nail look, you can decide what you want to give your nails; a shiny or matte finish.

For those you would want that matte finish… keep on reading!

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