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Application notes for your Complete Starter Kit

This information will be for all of you who has bought a Complete Starter Kit Box.

The application notes are provided inside of your Complete Starter Kit box, but should you loose these notes somewhere; don’t worry it is available to you online, right here.

Here it is:

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New – Complete Starter Kit

The Nail House has just make it more convenient than ever to do your own nails professionally.

Below is the new COMPLETE Starter kit with the following contents, already available for purchase on our online shop on the Logik Gel Polish website:

Get is NOW! It is new, complete and convenient!


COMPLETE STARTER KIT: 1 x Top Coat 1 x Base Coat 1 x P.F. Bond 1 x Nail Prep 1 x French White 2 x Colours – FOR FREE 1 x 9W LED lamp 1 x Twisted Emery Board 1 x Instruction DVD included

Curing Lamps – UV and LED

So what is the difference between the two famous curing lamps?

One is called a UV lamp and the other one is called a LED lamp. Let’s look at the difference between the two. Through this you will understand what type of curing the gel or gel polish goes through when exposed to the different lights in these two curing lamps.

Use the proper lamp for the chosen brand product to avoid issues with curing. Invest in and buy a good quality lamp for the type and brand you chose.

The difference is the type of bulbs used.

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