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Nail Shapes

Did you know? Your nails and your nail shape, will tell others a lot about your personality. Let’s look into the different kinds of shapes you can file your nails. Your personality will prefer and choose the shape you will file your nails. During preparation you will shape and file the nails free edge into the shape you prefer. Whether you are going to do a natural nail overlay or an overlay over artificial tips, you will have to shape the nails before any product application. Do not file nails after gel polish application. This may break the seal you created with the cap action over the free edge of the nail, resulting in possible product lifting at the free edge area of the nail.

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Nail Art

The possibilities with Logik Gel Polish are endless! This we have already established!

One of the many advantages of Logik Gel Polish is the versatile NAIL ART you are able to perform with this Gel Polish.

View a few examples of nail art done by a Logik Gel Polish Nail Technician, or simply play around and create it yourself!

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Online Purchasing

Some people are very comfortable with the idea of online purchasing, but some are not easily convinced due to certain personal reasons. The reasons will be different from person to person. Online purchasing came along to make life a little easier for you. All kinds of products today on the market are just a “CLICK” away and all you have to do is wait for the door bell to ring or to look at your nearest Post Office, to receive your order. Always make certain that the company you buy from is legit. Adapt with the times, we must!

The Nail House also ventured out on their websites to provide the opportunity for you to buy nail products online. Here is how we can move forward together . . .

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