Troubleshooting Guide for Logik Gel Polish

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This troubleshooting guide will help you with all the relevant information on how to correctly use the gel polish product as well as provide answers to frequently asked questions surrounding the product Logik Gel Polish. This guide is only applicable for the Logik Gel Polish only which has been tried and tested. This information is not a norm that applies to all gel polish brands. Please follow the manufactures guidelines for any other gel polish brand according to their make, as it will differ from product to product.

Hopefully you will find all the answers you are looking for in each different instance in the categories below. If not, please leave your comment or question and I will get back to you!

Natural Nail Condition:

  • If you have problems with your own natural nails such as: weak, thin, bendy, peeling or brittle nails, the gel polish can help to a certain extent, to strengthen and protect the natural nail bed’s condition.
  • If your own natural nails peel apart and lift off, then the peeling areas should be buffed lightly to remove peeling prior to product application. If peeling is not removed the gel polish layer on top of the nail will lift in the area where the natural nail is peeling away.
  • Weak, thin natural nails are more prone to bending while working with your hands, which might result in lifting. Use the P.F. Bond to better support the product adhesion to these types of nails.
  • Sometimes one may just have nails that grow in a curve or flare outwards or downwards as it grows. You will see lifting at the free edge only on the problem nails. Keep nails the length up to where the nails start to curve or bend away.
  • On short nails it is very difficult to cap the free edge. Rather apply artificial tips and allow the natural nails to grow out with proper length to be capped successfully during a natural nail overlay.
  • On damaged natural nails the gel polish won’t adhere properly. As the damage grows out with time, you will start to get better wearing results of the gel polish.
  • Some medications can severely affect artificial nails and the ability to retain against the natural nail plate. Consult your doctor if you are on any medication.

Natural Nail Preparation:

  • Improper nail preparation can cause natural nail damage. Work gently on the nail surface.
  • Proper nail prep is important for the longevity of the gel polish.
  • Do a dry manicure and not a wet one. Work on dry nails. Nails absorb water easily and this prevents good product adhesion. Nails will pull away from the gel polish as they dry out.
  • Remove excess cuticle on the nail plate. This will prevent lifting of the gel polish at the back.
  • No dirt, dust or oils must be on the nail surface. Wash hands before any application and brush the nails with a nail brush and anti-sceptic soap. Allow to dry. Wipe nails clean with the recommended cleansing liquid, Nail Prep.
  • Work on a clean surface when applying the gel polish. Especially after filing and blending of an artificial tip.
  • No excessive buffing on the natural nail bed. Apply Logik Gel Polish first without buffing. Over buffing removes too much of the nail plate, it makes the nails weak and allows the product to seep into the nail bed instead of lying on top of the nail surface. This will make product removal difficult. If you notice issues with wear then try add this step. Don’t use any rough grit file on the nail surface. Only gentle buffing should be undertaken then to remove shine and flakes from the nail bed.

Products handling and correct usages:

  • With enough practice one can learn how to control a product with correct brush control in order to achieve the products actual and ultimate potential. In order to achieve this you need to know the product and gain experience from using it.
  • Before application, make sure the neck of the bottle is clean. Wipe excess product off, on the stem of the brush and the brush itself on the inside of the bottle’s neck before application. Work with a clean brush with less product. It is easier to add product as needed.
  • P.F. Bond is used to increase adhesion of the gel polish to the natural nail bed.
  • After P.F. Bond application the nail surface will be sticky. Do not wipe off. This is normal. Continue with the Logik Special Base Coat after 1 minute on top of the P.F. Bond.
  • P.F. Bond must be used sparingly with a dry brush application on problem finger nails on areas with lifting issues, like mostly on the free edge. Too much bond will make removal of the gel polish very difficult.
  • Do not shake the gel polish bottle.
  • Your gel polish must be mixed properly. Ingredients may separate if they have been sitting for a while. This can cause the gel polish not to cure or bond together properly to give a good structure overlay on the nail surface. Roll the gel polish bottle around in your hands to make sure it is mixed evenly and allow any air bubbles time to settle before you start with the overlay. Shaking it vigorously will result in air bubbles in the product that will be left on the nail plate during application.
  • After travelling, allow the bottles to stand for a while to let air bubbles settle that formed inside of the gel polish bottle.
  • Rolling the bottle in your hands before application can also avoid a streaky application.
  • Do not apply the gel polish outdoors. This must be used indoors. Avoid UV and heat exposure.
  • Careful not to place the gel polish bottle near the LED or UV lamp during product application. The light exposure will set the gel polish in the bottle.
  • The Logik Gel Polish Bottles: Avoid exposure of any UV, sunlight and heat, LED light or overhead workstation light. This will cause the gel polish to dry up in the bottle. Keep bottles away from direct light and heat sources. Avoid direct sunlight on your workstation.
  • Don’t leave the bottle open for too long periods at a time.
  • When using P.F. Bond; wait for 1 minute and allow the P.F. Bond to dry, before proceeding with the Logik Special Base Coat. Applying the gel polish on wet Bond will cause the ingredients to be mixed and can cause premature product break down. It can start off with yellowing/discolouration and eventually lifting. The Base Coat may also shrink from the free edge area if the P.F. Bond didn’t have time to settle on the nail bed. The colour layers will then also shrink back to the Base Coat layer.
  • P.F. Bond does not go onto artificial tips.
  • LED lamp handling; Plug in the LED lamp. Switch on the plug. The blue time indicator on top of the LED lamp will light up. Press the “30” Button (30 seconds) to set the curing time. Place hand inside of the LED lamp. Push down the pink protection cover over your hand to protect your eyes from the sharp light. Only now press the “ON” Button. The LED lamp will go on and the 30 seconds blue light time indicator on the top of the LED lamp will start to count backwards from 30 to 1. The LED lamp will automatically switch off when it reaches the “000” mark. Lift the pink protective cover and remove hand from LED lamp.
  • Painting more than one nail at a time you may notice shrinkage of the product on the first nails by the time you are finished with the last nail. You would want to cure the overlay as quick as possible. Paint fewer fingers at a time and cure quicker to keep the gel polish in position on the nail bed.
  • Pre-blend artificial tips before gluing onto the natural nails. Use Miracle Nail Tip Dissolve to assist with the blending of the tip to minimize any file damage on the natural nails.

Logik Gel Polish Application:

  • The product itself can’t cause damage but rather the way we work on our nails.
  • Apply the gel polish neatly. Product on the skin and cuticle will soon lift.
  • Cap the free edge. This means to paint the egde of the nail to seal the free edge. This will help prevent chipping and lifting.
  • Capping the free edge leaving a thick ridge on the free edge will cause lifting.
  • Paint slowly and neatly.
  • Thinner fewer strokes.
  • Remove any mishap with a toothpick before curing.
  • Thin layers every time! Thick layers will lift every time!
  • Wipe the Base Coat with a dry brush to remove the tacky layer after curing. This can make the colour gel polish stay better in position before starting to move into other unwanted areas on the nail bed. This will help those individuals that battle with darker colours to reduce shrink back of the colour on the nails.
  • If the first colour coat looks see-through when applied, don’t apply the layer thicker to avoid this. You will achieve coverage with the second thin overlay or maybe with a third layer, if required. As long as the layers on top of each other are very thin. Normally the colour is even with the second coat.
  • When applying the Top Coat layer, try not to drag the brush through the tacky layer. This can lead to a dull Top Coat. Apply with even light strokes and do not press too hard on the brush.
  • Getting gel polish on the cuticle and skin and allow it to cure that way, can cause lifitng wherever the overlap of gel polish onto skin is.
  • If layers are too thick, especially the Base Coat, this will cause lifting or chipping.
  • A thick application can cause a colour to wrinkle or shrink.
  • The Special Base Coat forms the very important platform on the nail bed for the rest of the gel polish layers to follow.
  • A thick Base Coat will also lead to shrinkage of gel polish colours. The Special Base Coat is the most important layer. Apply the Base Coat thin and even. When you start with the Logik Colour overlay, the colour will shrink back to the coverage of the Base Coat. Any mishaps of the Base Coat will be shown when the colour is applied over it.
  • Do not flood the cuticles. Clean the brush on the inside of the neck of the bottle from excess gel polish. It is easier to add gel polish as needed than to remove excess from the nail surface.
  • Keep products where they belong, on the nail plate only.
  • Applying gel polish over Acrylics or Fibre/Silk nails saves time and afford on the buffing. It will leave the nails with a silky smooth finish and shiny, high gloss.
  • Contamination of the Logik Top Coat while applying different colours during an overlay, can lead to yellowing or discolouration of the gel polish overlay.
  • A thick application might not get complete curing right through and can lead to fine cracks on the nail surface and then the gel polish will eventually lift.
  • Cracking of the gel polish can also mean the structure of the gel polish is not correct. Roll bottle in your hands to mix properly before application.
  • After tip application, look at the nail from the side. You will notice a dent where the artificial tip blends into the natural nail. Restore the C-Curve with Logik Special Base Coat. Apply a thin normal overlay over the whole nail with the Base Coat, then add a small drop in the dent and allow the gel polish to level out. Cure in that position. Cure for 60 seconds to ensure proper curing through the thicker middle area of gel polish overlay. The overlay will still be thin in the cuticle area and free edge with more reinforcement in the middle section of the nail surface only. Continue with the rest of the thin overlay layers with 30 seconds curing.
  • The Logik Top Coat does have a UV protector in it. Overexposure of UV light can result in discolouration or yellowing. It is recommended to use the 12 Watt LED lamp with Logik.


  • Improper curing can lead to gel polish colour fading.
  • Get proper curing through the correct lamp type, the correct wattage LED lamp and correct curing time. We recommend users of Logik Gel Polish to use the 12 watt LED lamp created for the curing of the Logik Gel Polish product. Curing time for each layer is 30 seconds.
  • Flash cure; This means to insert the hand in the LED lamp for only a few seconds to set a nail art design or to keep nail colour from running or shrinking away from the free edge or pool into the corners of the cuticles. Use this method to help fix the problem, if you have difficulty with the colour application coverage after the Logik Special Base Coat was not applied correctly and already cured that way. Do full curing once the overlay is resored. Recommended to paint fewer nails at a time and cure.
  • For correctly applied overlays; Place hand in the LED lamp and then switch it on. Keep the hand in the lamp uninterrupted for the duration of the curing time under the correct wattage. It is only 30 seconds. You will need the full exposure of the LED light for proper curing.
  • When using a UV lamp with Logik Gel Polish, it must be the 36 Watt, 4 Globe UV lamp. Make sure the UV bulbs are new. Improper curing will be the result of old UV bulbs. Old UV bulbs can cause shrinkage of uncured gel polish and this will lead to premature lifting and discolouration of the gel polish overlay.
  • Curing time in the UV lamp is 2 minutes per layer.
  • Although the Logik Gel Polish is curing in the UV lamp, it is an LED product. Invest in the new recommended 12 Watt, LED lamp and avoid unwanted side effects when curing in a UV lamp, like overexposure of UV on a LED made product.
  • Taking too long to place the hand into the lamp used, can lead to shrinkage of the gel polish on the nail surface. You would want to cure the overlay in its position on the nail surface as soon as completed. Try painting fewer fingers at a time and cure quicker and rotate the hands.


  • Use gauze and Nail Prep to remove the tacky residue off from the finished nail overlay for a high gloss, shiny, smooth finish after wipe.
  • Allow nails to dry every time after wiping, before proceeding with product application.
  • Wipe each nail with a fresh piece of gauze and Nail Prep. This minimizes skin contact with the tacky layer. Also using the same piece of gauze for all the nails can result in a dull Top Coat, because of the tacky layer left on the gauze from the previously wiped nail.
  • If some colour wipes off on the gauze after the Top Coat was cured; this means you are not getting enough curing; or you missed areas on the nail when the Top Coat was applied; You dragged the Top Coat brush through the remaining tacky layer of the colour coat below. Apply Top Coat with light strokes floating on top.


  • Do not pick or peel your gel polish off from the nail bed. This will remove a thin layer off from your natural nail and will cause noticeable damage to the nails.
  • Do not use nails as tools.
  • Colours will fade or change over time as we wear them through sun exposure or too much UV exposure as we go about our normal days.
  • Soaking in a bubble bath, hot tub, hot dishwashing water without gloves, swimming pool or ocean can cause the gel polish to peel off. Especially when the water is hot and has chemicals or salt in it.
  • Cigarette smoke can cause yellowing of the gel polish overlay, especially during application. Also do not smoke during product application, this will cause lifting.
  • If you like to sun bed, then you might not like the yellowing or discolouration of your gel polish overlay afterwards. This is caused by the UV exposure. Also tanning lotions will have the same unwanted results on your gel polish overlay.
  • Certain foods and spices during food preparation will cause discolouring or staining of the overlay.
  • Certain hand creams can have the same discolouring effect as a tanning lotion. 
  • Certain chemical exposures used in households like Handy Andy and Bleach, will have an effect on the gel polish overlay. Wear gloves when doing house chores.
  • Logik can last for up to 3 to 4 weeks on the nails. With artificial tips it can be longer. Do proper preparation and application and look after your hands and nails.
  • Keep natural nails and artificial nails at a sensible length. The free edge must not be longer than half of the length of your nail bed. Keep a balance. Your nails will last longer.

After Care:

  • Moisturize nails and hands daily.
  • Dryness can result in breaks and splits.
  • Use the Amazing Cuticle Oil for your cuticles daily with the Logik Gel Polish overlay. This cuticle oil has anti-oxidant and healing properties.
  • Be reasonable with the use of your hands and nails. Gel polish is not acrylic and gel polish is not bullet proof.
  • Store bottles in a cool, dark place.
  • Do not travel with products and the gel polish bottles in a hot vehicle. Place in a cooler bag.


  • Use a coarse grit file to break the seal of the Top Coat. This will assist with the removal. Do not file through the layers of the gel polish overlay.
  • Using the P.F. Bond will add a few minutes to the soak off time. If you used the bonder across the entire nail and/or applied too much, it will make the gel polish very difficult to remove.
  • It is not the product itself that causes damage, but the over scraping and impatience through the soak off process. Re-wrap and wait a little bit longer for the gel polish to flake off from the nail.
  • Wait out the time period, which is 15 minutes. Apply heat with a bean bag or a warm water bag. This will speed up the soaking process.
  • Do not scrape off. The gel polish should leave the nail by itself.
  • If your nails are weak or bendy; file the length of the nails and reshape the nails before removing the gel polish.
  • Filing the free edge shorter will also break the seal on the free edge and will help with removal.


  • Allergies can develop over time.
  • It is possible to develop an allergy for any type of product at any time. This will differ from person to person.
  • Signs can be: slightly itching or burning sensations on skin; red and puffy cuticles.
  • Avoid skin contact as much as possible.
  • Insufficient curing. Not enough curing of the gel polish layer. Use the correct recommended lamp and curing time.
  • Allergies worsen with repeated exposure of a product or chemical you developed an allergy for.
  • Dust filings setting on the skin and getting in the pores can cause irritation. Remove dust as you work. Especially during artificial tip filing and blending.


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2 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Guide for Logik Gel Polish

  1. Michelle Els

    placed gel on, baked under uv light but gel does not seem to set. i put on a base coat, baked it for 5 min per hand. then gel color. baked it for a further 5 min a hand and then top coat also baked for 5 min a hand. gel still soft and sticky. house of nails gel and 9w uv light. spent a lot of money. what am i doing wrong. thank you. regards michelle els

    1. Admin Post author

      Good day,
      Although you have cured the gel 5 min per layer your gel still did not get sufficient curing right through. This will be due to any of the following. You must cure our gel polish in a 36 Watt, 4 x globe UV lamp. The 9 Watt smaller lamp will not give sufficient curing. You will cure the gel polish in the 4 x globe UV lamp 36 Watt, for 2 minutes per layer. Make sure your UV globes are new. Old UV globes will also result in uncured gel or gel polish. Gel will remain sticky although it was cured. Wipe off the sticky residue after curing with the nail prep.


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