Matte Top Coat

Matte Top Coat! It might sound dull, but it’s definitely not. It’s different! It’s new! It is just what it says it is. Matte Nails! It means the nail will have no shine.

Yes, it is a new nail trend!

Who would have thought that a nail trend will deviate from the high gloss, super shine we all expect from a finished nail and what we are used to, to a matte finish without the traditional shine. But, it is a new style so to speak and one that will not be ignored.

Everything should be tried at least once, don’t you think? Otherwise, how would you know if you like it or not? Logik Gel Polish also provide you the opportunity to try out this alternative look with the new Logik Matte Top Coat.

You will either love it or frown upon it! On some colours it really gives a versatile look and somewhat of a unique finish that you might embrace. Some won’t like the flat appearance, but maybe it’s just you, especially if you like your bling! But, if you are tired of the high shine, then you have to try this new Top Coat finish!

You can apply the Matte Top Coat over any of the Logik Colours and enjoy the new Matte look. It will turn the shiny gel polish into a satin feel to the touch and an almost chalky, smooth finish. The Matte Top Coat will leave the nail with a silky, satin smooth finish after wipe with the Nail Prep. You might just fancy this new look!

How to apply:

After the colour overlay was done, finish off with a thin layer of Matte Top Coat and seal the nail with the Matte Top Coat instead of using the regular shiny Top Coat.

The same rules apply when applying the Matte Top Coat. Make sure the overlay is even, thin and cap the free edge. The layer is then cured for 30 seconds. Wipe with Nail Prep and gauze.

Get creative and create two-tone on the nail with the one side of the nail with the normal shiny Top Coat and the other side of the nail with the Matte Top Coat. Paint the Top Coat difference over half / half of the nail right down in the middel or make the free edge different from the rest of the nail bed at the back to the cuticle.

You can emphasize nail art and let it stand out with the shiny Top Coat next to the Matte shade colour on the nail. It’s so easy to play around! Do what you fancy! Just paint and cure for 30 seconds. Applying a Matte Top Coat over glitter will tone down the glitter texture. If you don’t like the bling with the glitter, then this will be the way to go!

Create stripes or patterns over your colour. One shiny and one matte, will create instant drawn nail art on your colour.

Most popular in these effects between the Shiny Top Coat and the Matte Top Coat, will be done and seen on a black colour. But, do yourself a favour and try it with other colours as well! Suggested Colours with Logik is: Dark Brilliant purple, Navy, True Blue, Medium Slate Blu, Lavender or Red/Orange.

The Matte Top Coat is perfect for colder months and works best on dark nail colours.

Will you try the Matte Top Coat? Do you prefer the Matte or the Shiny Top Coat? Tell me in your comments!

Matte Top Coat

Matte Top Coat






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