Become a Logik Gel Polish Distributor?- NO MORE! NOW YOU CAN BECOME A STOCKIST!!

The Nail House does not only offer you high quality nail products all under one roof! No! They are actually taking it a step further and give you the opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

The information below only applies to South African residents. Please enquire for the relevant information that will apply to you, if you reside outside of the borders of South Africa.

DISTRIBUTION HAS CHANGED TO A STOCKIST! Kindly see the write-up about how to become a STOCKIST!!! It is much simpler!!

Kindly visit the Logik Gel Polish website:, under the section: “Become a Distributor”. If you are interested to become a Distributor, please fill in the contact form on the bottom of the page and the relevant contact person will be in touch with the qualifying information.

DISTRIBUTION HAS CHANGED TO A STOCKIST! Kindly see the write-up about how to become a STOCKIST!!! It is much simpler!!

A Start-up Kit was designed for you to have all the basic products for the LED system that you can market, introduce and sell to potential clients.The once-off Start-up fee is the purchase of the Logik Gel Polish products in the Start-up Kit.

Kindly browse through the Logik Gel Polish website: and view the related products you will be marketing together with the Logik Gel Polish LED nail system.

As soon as you are able to purchase the Once off Starter-kit to market, introduce and sell the nail products to potential salons, nail bars, nail technicians and directly to the consumer, the soonest you can begin to function as a Distributor and generate an income of self-employment for yourself.

Once you have qualified as a Distributor, you will receive discounts on the Logik Gel Polish and affiliated products, on all future orders as a recognized Distributor. These discounts are only given to Distributors. This opportunity is very straight forward. You have the opportunity to buy Nail products for the Logik Gel Polish LED nail system, from The Nail House.

The steps are easy to start:

1) Paying the once-off Start-up fee, you will receive products to that value to qualify as a Distributor.

2) You will receive discount on selected products in the Starter Kit.

3) Courier charges will be additional extra and will be visible on the Invoice payable.

4) You will be listed on “The Nail House” website as a Distributor for Logik Gel Polish and related products.

Let us know if you have any further questions and if you would like to grab this opportunity while there are still areas available. Please let me know if you wish to continue with this unique opportunity of self-employment.

Should you wish to continue, please leave your contact details, e-mail address and area of residence  in the comment box below or visit the website and fill in the contact form to obtain further details on how to get started!

The Nail Industry is vastly and rapidly changing with the end user in mind.  This is due to greatly advanced and safe technology with the use of products, without intensive training necessary. Logik Gel Polish is a new remarkable and reliable product. It is unlike any other gel polish on the market.

The Nail House and dedicated team are always available to assist you with any application enquiries about the Logik Gel Polish and related products. All application methods can be viewed on our website. The very detailed and informative video training tutorial clips are on the top of each product category under the “Products” section on the website: The Logik Gel Polish Application Training DVD and the Logik Gel Polish Promotional DVD are also available for purchase to distribute and re-sell to clients.

Please don’t hesitate to make contact, should you need any further details. We are looking forward to hear from you!



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