New – Complete Starter Kit

The Nail House has just make it more convenient than ever to do your own nails professionally.

Below is the new COMPLETE Starter kit with the following contents, already available for purchase on our online shop on the Logik Gel Polish website:

Get is NOW! It is new, complete and convenient!


COMPLETE STARTER KIT: 1 x Top Coat 1 x Base Coat 1 x P.F. Bond 1 x Nail Prep 1 x French White 2 x Colours – FOR FREE 1 x 9W LED lamp 1 x Twisted Emery Board 1 x Instruction DVD included

12 thoughts on “New – Complete Starter Kit

    1. Admin Post author

      Good day,
      All of the products are available online for purchase. Best viewed on your desktop PC.
      You can purchase anything you need on the website in the “Products” section in each product category on our website at:
      The prices are next to each item on the website.
      Delivery is to your door.
      Please go onto our website at and visit the “Become a Stockist” area.
      Scroll down to see the list of available Stockists; from where you can spot one the closest to you in your area, should you not want to purchase online.
      Happy Shopping!

  1. Whitney

    Hi there ,
    I would just like to find out if you have any starter kits for the gel polish and if so may I order one? What is the price on kits?, please will you send me a price list and any stockists in the johannesburg south area .
    Thank you kindly.

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi there,
      I have send the pricelist to your personal e-mail. Please see the kits available on the pricelist. Product purchases are available online on the website. The list of Stockists are also available on the website under the “Become a Stockist” category.

  2. Claire

    Can this type of gel be flown overseas?
    If so, does it require any special packaging when flying?

    Thanks in advance

    1. Admin Post author

      Thanks for making contact.
      I have send you a mail to your personal e-mail address as more info is needing regarding the specific travelling.


    Hi there

    I’d like to purchase the starter kit as its far too hard to find a person to do my nails, so I’m just going to do my own nails. Please let me know how much it is so that I can place the order and pay for it. Am I expected to do some course before I purchase it or can I order the kit without attending a course as I work full time?

    Thank you very much.

    1. Admin Post author

      Thank you for making contact. I send you the details to your e-mail address. Product purchases are available online and delivery is to your door. Upon check out of your order you select your payment method, per card or EFT. The Starter kits are DIY especially made up for clients like yourself to enable you to do your own nails professionally at home. Browse through our website at in the “Products” categories and enjoy your shopping.

  4. Verquelene


    I would love to order this stater kit, How do I go about ordering? I am based in Johannesburg and want to order for myself, I do not own a salon. will simply just use it for myself.

    Kindly let me know. Thank you in advance

    Kind regards

    1. Admin Post author

      Good day to you!
      Product purchases as well as the Starter kit is available to purchase online on our website at: under the different “Products” categories and delivery is to your door. This is used to be able to do your own nails at home professionally. Happy shopping and enjoy your own inventive nails.

  5. Lynette Howard

    I am busy setting up a small nail salon and want to stock a good quality gel polish to offer in addition to the acrylic nails. I like what I see from your website. I have the curing light already but how would I go about getting a good start out kit with a good amount of colours to offer my clients a decent choice. Thanks Lynette

    1. Admin Post author

      Hello Lynette
      You can purchase the Complete Starter Kit box online on the Logik Gel Polish website at
      You can also purchase anything else, like extra colours you might need.
      The online purchases is very easy to use and delivery is to your door.


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