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Happy New Year to all of you! Hope that 2017 will be a wonderful year to all of you!

I would like to start off this New Year, to emphasize the importance of the correct curing lamp.

We know that LED and UV lamps are freely available to purchases at most nail outlets or together with some nail brands. If you have a problem with the Logik Gel Polish, most of the time it refers back to the type of curing lamp that is being used. This is VERY important!

Curing your product on your nail from the top completely through, down to the bottom of the nail surface is very important for the products’ wear ability without having side affects.

To avoid curing problems or any unwanted side effects, like premature breakdown of the product or uncured product left on the nail surface, you will have to use the recommended curing lamps that is used to cure our Logik Gel Polish successfully. In order for you to have all the benefits of wearing this product on your nails you will have to use the recommended curing lamps that goes together with our Logik Gel Polish brand.

Some already have some sort of curing lamp with them, if you are a nail technician or a private person. This is all fine, if you don’t see your way through in buying another lamp, when changing your gel polish brand. Just make sure that the wattage are at least the same as our recommended curing lamps, both UV or LED to cure our Logik Gel Polish.

Our Logik Gel Polish is like no other gel polish brands available on the market today. Our Logik Gel Polish brand can be applied not only as a natural nail overlay, but can be used on weak nails to re-enforce the nails and support the weak nails. We also use our Logik Gel Polish directly over any tip application. Our Logik Gel Polish is strong enough to sustain and support your weak nails and tips as an LED nail system on its own. You will need no other nail system together with Logik Gel Polish. Therefore because of our product durability it is very important that our product receives the correct curing under the correct type of curing lamp.

You might have another curing lamp from the previous gel polish brand that you have used, and now you wish to switch over to Logik Gel Polish. Please inspect your current curing lamp that you do have first to ensure that it will cure our Logik Gel Polish. The lamp you have in possession was good enough for the gel polish brand that you have used to cure their gel polish brand successfully. The same rule will apply with our recommended curing lamps for our Logik Gel Polish brand.

Recommended firstly is the 12 Watt LED lamp used for the curing of the LED Logik Gel Polish. It is an LED nail system, therefore we recommend you use the LED lamp with 30 seconds curing time.

It is also curable under the 36 Watt UV lamp for 2 minutes.  Which is old school which makes the curing time too long compared to the new LED curing lamp of only 30 seconds.

Because of so many gel polish brands on the market today, you have to be careful to use the correct curing lamp with the gel polish brand. Each brand was manufactured with their recommended products that goes together with each brand as well as the application methods and correct curing lamp for each gel polish brand.

Even though it is a gel polish, the brand might need other products together with their application steps and method of curing with their curing lamp which was formulated to accommodate the product’s full potential.

If you want to get the full benefit and potential out of our Logik Gel Polish brand, make sure it gets the correct curing with our product.

Sometimes the Wattage of the lamp of another brand might be the same, but still does not cure the Gel Polish correctly, then you must increase your time of curing to have successful curing from top to bottom on the nail surface. The globes might be further apart in the lamp that you have, which makes the area of curing broader than from what you will receive from our LED lamp with a narrow more concentrated curing area.

I really hope that this will help you with your curing time and problems you might be experiencing. Look firstly at your lamp being used.

LED Lamp

LED lamp with Logik Gel Polish

UV lamp

UV lamp with Logik Gel Polish


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      Yes we have Stockists in South Africa for the Logik Gel Polish. Please go onto our website at: and go to the “Become a Stockist” section. Scroll down and you will find a list of all the Stockists available in each area. Alternatively you can shop online and delivery is to your door. The wattage is very important due to the fact that each curing lamp cures that specific gel polish product on your nails according to the wattage and the time. Follow each manufacturers recommended curing lamp and time for the specific gel polish brand that you will be using to avoid premature product breakdown or insufficient curing.

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    Please may you send me a price list on everything you guys stock e.g. UV lamps, gel polish, nail equipment etc.

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