What is capping or sealing the free edge?

I am sure you have heard this term before….

Here I will briefly explain what the term means and how to apply it.

Capping the free-edge is to cover the very tip of the nail or the end of the nail with the gel polish. This way you seal the whole nail as well as the tip of the nail with the gel polish to create a good covered sealed layer on the nail surface.

To cap the free edge you must drag the brush and wipe the free edge with the brush. You can use the side of the brush to run it along the edge of the nail. If the nail length is long enough this will be easier to do than covering the edge of a shorter nail. With shorter nails you might get some nail polish on the skin on your finger tips in the front.

It makes sense to cap the free edge first and then do the overlay over the whole nail. This will prevent the gel polish forming a thick ridge at the end of the nail tip that can lift or create unevenness on the nail surface that a nail picker will pick at and cause the gel polish to lift or chip.

Use only a small amount of colour when you are capping the free edge. Do not use a too much gel polish on the brush causing the gel polish to run into the cuticle area on under the nail tip onto the finger tips.

Be careful when capping the free edge of shorter nails. Clean the gel polish from the skin or any mishaps on the finger tips before curing.



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