Intermixing gel polish brands

More and more gel polish brands are being advertised and put on the market today. Sometimes you have already purchased an entire line of a system or gel polish brand.

There are a few things that you will have to keep in mind when interchanging gel polish brands.

Firstly I would like to point out that our brand, Logik Gel Polish, does have more advantages above some of the gel polish brands available. Therefore you would rather want to purchase a complete Kit of the Logik Gel Polish rather. You will find that other brands will cure in our LED lamp, but unfortunately due to Logik’s durability and consistency, makes it curable only in our recommended LED and UV lamps; especially over artificial tips. Other LED lamps is not strong enough to successfully cure our Logik Gel Polish brand, without application or curing issues.

Make sure that ALL the products that you are using will cure properly in the lamp that you are using. This is very important, especially when you are using an LED lamp. Again I emphasize that our Logik Gel Polish brand will not cure successfully in all of the LED lamps available from other brands. Whereas other brands will cure in our LED lamp, because it is a much stronger LED lamp to cure our Logik Gel Polish brand.

Everyone’s nails are different. Find the right combination or brand’s products that works for you. When you have found a Top and Base Coat that works for you, stick to it. Our Logik Gel Polish Base coat is a special base coat. If your foundation layer is of good quality together with a good quality sealer, Top Coat. The other layers in between will stay in tact.

Stick to the manufacturers RECOMMENDED CURING LAMP for the brand that you are going to use. More and more brands are being offered and made readily available to the DIYers, directly to the consumer. Our Logik Gel Polish brand are offered to Professionals and directly to consumers. Our Logik’s durability and consistency is strong enough not only for natural nail overlays but also over artificial tips. You can use Logik for all your nail requirements as a complete LED nail system on its own.

Rather start with Logik Gel Polish’ line instead and save yourself the trouble to change in future. With us you will have the BEST of ALL the products you will need that works together for the ultimate overlay over naturals nails and directly over artificial tips. You will not need another nail system again.

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