How do I know my gel polish is cured correctly?

Firstly make sure that you are using the recommended curing lamps and correct curing times for the gel polish you are applying onto your nails.

What would be the most obvious to look out for is that the gel polish should be hardened after the curing and it must not be able to wipe off after the cure.

You will not be wiping in-between layers of your colour gel polish overlay. You will wipe after the final cure of the topcoat.

After wipe and the topcoat appears dull, this can also be a sign of insufficient curing.

If you are getting poor wear or if you are experiencing any lifting or chipping of the gel polish product on your nails, then this can be a premature break up of the gel polish product also due to insufficient curing… whether you are using a LED or UV lamp to curing the gel polish brand.

You might find that product wipes off more during a UV lamp curing than a LED lamp curing, which means that your UV globes needs replacement.

Sufficient curing and application will give you a lasting wear of the gel polish without any problems for up to 2 weeks. If you look well after your nails and the product on your nails then you can wear the gel polish for up to a month. Depending on what you do with your nails and hands and whether your application and curing was done properly.




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