Let’s talk AFTERCARE !

We normally just focus on the correct application of a product, but seldom look at the aftercare of a product on your nails to prolong the wear ability of the product.

You can try a few things that will work great for you individually to maintain and keep your nails looking great throughout the time that you are wearing the product on your nails. Any maintenance is always good! Find what works the best for your nails. Some things might not work for everyone depending on how you work with your hands and what you do. Go through the list to see if this will help you to maintain your overlay.

Prevention is better than cure! Good grooming is essential to keep hands and feet in good health.

1. Use moisture and a good cuticle oil (like ours at The Nail House) every day. Apply it to the new growth area at the back, the cuticles and the skin around the nails.

2. Some people will say that a day on the beach will damage their gel polish overlay. Also soaking in water particularly can do a lot of damage.

3. Apply a regular top coat over your gel polish to hide the new nail growth if you have a French Manicure overlay with gel polish. Or if you have a colour gel polish overlay, try a similar regular varnish of the same colour or a different colour. Apply it over your gel polish colour overlay.

4. Wear gloves when doing housework or gardening or working with harsh cleaning chemicals.

5. Apply heat and be patient with the soak off of the gel polish. Keep nails healthy. Do not force the product off from the nails.

6. Keep fingernails at a sensible length. A reasonable length will prevent you from hitting your nail and loosing an artificial tip or free-edge of a natural nail.

7. Do not use your nails as tools to pick or open anything.

8. Do not pick or bite at the product on your nails. Use a file to gently smooth down any unevenness on the nail bed, especially the new nail growth area.

9. Keep hands clean.  Gently brush nails with a nail brush if you have dirt in the cuticle areas or underneath your nails.






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