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When you go onto the website you WILL find anything you need and more!

Colour Chart:

The colour chart is on the Home Page. There is a block in the left corner just below the name. Here you can see all the colours available.

Online Purchases:

Just next to the colour chart block, the block in the middle, just below the name, this is the Shopping Bag. Here you can see all the items you have placed into your Shopping Bag before check out.

Product Purchases are available online. When you go to the icons on top of the Home Page and click on the “Products” section, a drop-down list will appear with all the categories of all the products available in each category. The prices and descriptions are next to each product. Simply click on a category and the products available in that category will open. When you click on the product of interest that you wish to buy only that item will open. The descriptions of the item will be there and the quantity that you need of the product and you add it to your cart. Follow the instructions thereafter for check out and payment.

We have made it very convenient and easy to use. Online purchases you can even do after hours at night after a busy day, should you not have time to order during the day; you might be busy with clients and attending to your day to day business. Tonight, when you are a little bit more relaxed you can place your order in the meantime. Your order will be in our Inbox first thing in the morning and your order is being attended to while you are at work the next day.

Easy and fast door delivery will bring your parcel with your products to your place of business. Be sure to provide a physical delivery address for the delivery. We have made it extra easy for you, in order for you to concentrate on your business.

We would like to emphasize that you make sure that you do have enough stock to sustain your business. As with anything in life, sometimes one or two items might be out of stock for a while and will take some time to get to you; so please on that note, don’t order last minute. Be vigilant about the quantity of each product you need in your salon for providing services and if you are selling the products. You know how much of a product you need and which products are in greater demand than others.                                 

So, heads-up everybody. Know your own stock level!


We have lots and lots and lots of information as much as possible to provide you all the details you need about the nail products AND how to use them correctly. We have even provide you application videos on top of each “Product” category, as you browse to shop, to view different application methods. We have this blog that will help answer some of your questions. We have a Q and A; this is a Question and Answer page to spot a Question that you might already have to provide you with an answer beforehand.



    1. Admin Post author

      The price list was send to your e-mail address as requested. Product purchases are available online on our website: under the “Products” categories. The prices are next to each product on the website. Delivery is to your door.

    1. Admin Post author

      Good day,
      Product purchases are available online on the website: You can purchase anything you need on the website in the Products section in each product category.
      The prices are next to each item on the online purchase in the Products categories.

  1. Mila

    Can I please have a price list sent to my email. Is this in USD and do you ship internationally to Canada ? Is proof of professional certification required


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