Regular nail polish over the gel polish


Some of you would want to apply a regular nail polish colour over your current gel polish colour or French overlay. Especially for a night out or for an occasion where your nails need a colour change.

You can apply and remove a regular nail polish from your gel polish overlay without doing any damage to the top layer of your gel polish overlay.

You will apply the normal nail polish like you would normally do over your natural nails, this time it will be over your current gel polish manicure. You can start directly with the new regular nail polish colour, or if you are uncertain if the normal nail polish brand might stain your current colour or top coat layer, then it will be best to start with the normal base coat nail polish. Then you will apply the new nail polish colour and add a regular top coat for extra shine and protection.

When you want to remove the regular nail polish from your gel polish overlay it is important that you use a non-acetone nail polish remover. If you use an Acetone nail polish remover, it might damage  the top coat layer of your gel polish manicure. This might result into a dull gel polish overlay. Should this happen after removal, then you can shine up your gel polish overlay with a normal top coat nail polish in the meantime, before you go for your complete removal of the gel polish overlay.

Keep in mind that some normal, traditional nail polishes might not be the best option. If you decide to apply glitter with flakes and chunky pieces then this can pose a problem with removal. We all know that glitter type of normal polishes are quite harder to remove and you will be using a lot more nail polish remover and the nails will obviously be rubbed more to remove the normal nail polish layer. This then might lead to damage of your top coat gel polish layer.

Be careful that the non-acetone remover does not get under your current gel polish layer, as this might potentially cause the gel polish layer to lift, especially if the gel polish manicure layer are a few weeks old already. Best to leave the new normal nail polish colour on your gel polish layer up to the time where you are ready to soak off your gel polish layer.

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