Good Housekeeping

Normally we would talk about doing nails, nail products and more about nails, nails and nails! But what about everything else that goes hand in hand with the whole¬†doing nails¬†part as a whole? Let’s talk about your working environment. Remember that you will be seeing a large base of different clients and you would want to take the necessary precautions and safety steps to ensure that you do the nails in a clean and dust-free environment.

There are many basic ways to ensure that your working environment is clean and as dust-free as possible. Sanitation sprays are normally available from the manufacturer of the product of your choice for the cleaning of files, tools and workstations. Sanitisers for cleaning of your hands may also be available from the manufacturer of the product brand that you choose.

Herewith the tips to follow so that you can tick the boxes:

Your Salon:

Try to provide hot and cold running water.

Change towels in the bathroom regularly.

Use a liquid soap with anti-bacterial properties at your washing basins.

Toilet tissue and paper towels must be available at all times.

Clean door handles also when cleaning other surfaces like floors and walls.

Food should not be stored in the same storage as the nail products.

Wash all laundry regularly at the correct temperatures.

Pets should not be allowed in the working environment except if it is a guide dog.

Children should be controlled to avoid the risk of exposure to harsh chemicals.

No eating, drinking or smoking in the salon.

Your Workstation:

Both the client and nail technician must wash their hands before commencing with any treatment.

Clean uniforms should be worn every day.

Hair should be tied back.

Minimize the wear of jewelry; small earrings and maybe a wedding band should you not be performing massages.

Avoid touching your face while working and inform you client to do the same.

When you clean the top of your workstation make sure you also wipe all your containers.

Sanitize all the files and tools used for the treatment.

After the treatment was completed:

All consumables should be removed and put into the proper waste bin.

Bins should be emptied regularly and not allowed to get overflowed.

Dusty towels should be removed and washed.

Keep it real; Keep it clean!





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