Factors that affect the growth and health of the natural nail

There are many factors that can affect the growth and the health of the natural nail. Some can not be avoided and are due to internal factors. Others may be caused by external factors.

A doctor can sometimes tell from a patient’s natural nails whether they are unwell and suffering from a certain illness.

Medication may affect nails by making them grow quicker or slower and will also affect the health of the nail plate.

Poor circulation affect the blood supply to the matrix and may then affect the growth.

Malnutrition or poor diet can affect the nail growth due to the lack of vitamins. 

Pregnancy may show an increase in the growth rate of the natural nail.

Heat and climate affects the growth.

Trauma or impact on the nail bed area or the matrix area can affect the nail in many ways. Trauma or impact on the nail can cause permanent deformity, lifting off of the nail bed or an infection can occur.

Chemical damage can cause brittle nails and allergies. 

Good grooming is essential to keep hands and nails as well as feet in good health. The natural nail needs a balance of oil and moisture to protect the nail and keep it healthy. 

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