Thinning and flaking of a damaged natural nail

Have you heard someone say the following:

The product I had on my nails damaged my natural nails so much, I will never put it on my nails again!

Lets investigate what this statement is all about…..

There are several causes that might damage your natural nails during any product application. Luckily there are some solutions for these problems to avoid damage on your natural nails. Remember, a product in itself can’t damage a natural nail, but rather the way we work on our nails! Lets discuss a few examples of damages that can occur:

1. Over-blending of tips = You should use a light touch and the correct grid abrasive of the correct file. Gently blend the tip. No excessive filing. You can apply a layer of gel polish on the natural nail first and then apply a tip. When you blend the tip, the filing will be on the gel polish at the bottom and not directly onto your natural nail. Continuous filing can later start to thin down the natural nail surface. Pre-blend your tip before applying it onto the natural nail. This lessens the blending of the tip after application.

2. Over-buffing of natural nail = During preparation and cleaning of the natural nails, do not over buff the nail surface. Gently remove flakes from the nail surface and free-edge using a buffing block only.

3. Nail extensions too long = The free-edge should never be longer than half of the length of your natural nail bed. This will differ from person to person. Make sure the application of a product on the nail is thin at the cuticle area and thin and natural looking at the free-edge. The thickest part and the thicker strengthening area is the stress or middle area of the nail. Either tips or build extensions, must not be too thick especially around the free-edge area. A thick free-edge is heavier than your own natural nail and will start to way down your natural nail as it grows out.

4. Do not pick or bite off any product = Remove unwanted product on the nail bed professionally with the correct removal techniques. A product adheres to the natural nail and biting and tearing off of a product will cause damage to the layers of your natural nails.

5. Maintenance overdue = Like anything in life, you need to look after it. As the natural nail grows the product on the nail grows out together with the natural nail growth. This needs to be maintained. Lightly blend the cuticle area and apply a fresh layer of top coat to seal the new nail growth area. File down and shorten the nails as they grow to keep the balance on your nail bed.

6. Unbalanced = Nails can become unbalanced due to the product growing out together with the natural nail. The product leaves the nail at the back at the cuticle area and grow forward. The balance on the natural nail where the product use to be, compared to the area in the front at the free-edge where it is extended and now with added additional length with the growth, makes the product unbalanced on the natural nail. As you work with your hands, it is only natural that you might bump your extension or nail at the free-edge causing the back area of the remainder of the product on your nails to lift by force and then create damage to the natural nail.

7. Removal = Ok, so you hate and dread those soak off days. But please be patient with your soaking using the correct method and time instead of forcing a product off that has bonded onto your natural nail bed to hold on and stay on as long as it can for a week or two or three.

I hope you will find these tips handy and that you can see due to the above reason’s that this would rather cause more damage and to look after your natural nail a little bit better;  not to be too quick to blame the product which actually was developed to make your nails look great!



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