NON WIPE – Top Coat

I would like to really take a moment and explain and discuss the following product with you!

Please read the info I give to you carefully, as it will greatly help you make a good choice with your next purchase!! That is, when you will purchase a Gel polish Top Coat!

I will discuss with you the NON-WIPE TOP COAT of LOGIK GEL POLISH!


The non-wipe top coat is absolutely amazing! A thin layer goes a long way. It saves you not only money but also time.

Saving money will mean the following… You don’t have to wipe it. Therefore you save on your nail prep, which you don’t have to use to wipe the final layer of your nail application overlay. You also save on your gauze pieces, because you obviously don’t have to wipe the last layer. Therefore I refer this as a saving on your products by leaving out a step that you will normally do with a regular Top Coat!

Saving time will mean the following… The layer of the Non-wipe Top Coat leaves the nails with a very high shine and smooth finish. Therefore also no need to take the time to remove the sticky layer after curing under the LED lamp. The nails are ready! After curing, the nails are ready as if you have just wiped them and the nails have a smooth shiny finish!

A normal Top Coat after curing will always leave a sticky residue on the nail surface. This is normal. You have to wipe it with the nail prep and gauze to remove the sticky layer after curing the Top Coat to be able to have a smooth and finished shiny nail. But with the Non-Wipe Top Coat, the Top Coat takes care of it by itself, for you! Isn’t this great?! I am saying it again, what a GREAT product this is!!

Another very interested thing that I have noticed about this Non-Wipe Top Coat product is that it is self-levelling. It levels the nail surface and you have a more even nail surface with your last layer of your overlay over the nails. This is something you can actually notice.

I am starting to say to myself… Where have you been all my life … non-wipe Top Coat!!

When you apply the product, it has a very neat, non-streaky application. You can apply it like a “pro” because the product is that good by itself! It leaves no streaks or brush marks on the nail surface during application or after application and curing. In every aspect the Non-Wipe Top Coat is FAR greater and better than a normal Top Coat.

It seals nail art perfectly. For those you love their nail arts!

So, please DO get on board and buy THIS! BUY the Non-Wipe Top coat instead of the normal Top Coat. You just won’t regret it. In actual fact, you will thank me!

If you do wipe the Non-Wipe Top Coat, by accident, because you might be so use to the routine after the last Top Coat layer… wipe… then only then the nail surface might appear a little dull. So, don’t wipe, no need to! The nails are finished!! Step away! If the nails are dull if they have come in contact with the nail prep, just apply another Non-Wipe Top coat layer and cure and then it will be fixed.

Step into the new way and Buy this PRODUCT, PLEASE! All nail lover, Enjoy it with me!!





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