MATTE – Top Coat

Isn’t it nice to be able to play around with options?

Yes it is! Some will like it shiny and others well, a few, just like the matte finish of things!

Even now with your own personal nail look, you can decide what you want to give your nails; a shiny or matte finish.

For those you would want that matte finish… keep on reading!

The MATTE TOP COAT is just that, a Top Coat that will give your nails a final matte finished look.

It leaves your nails with NO shine, but a Matte end result.

This top coat is the same as a Normal Sealer Top Coat that you will have to wipe with the Nail Prep after curing the last Top Coat layer.  (This is unlike the Non-Wipe Top Coat as I have discussed previously also on this Blog).

After you have cured the MATTE Top Coat and you have wiped the nail surface with the Nail Prep you will have the COLOUR without the SHINE.

Please do keep in mind. It will all depend on your colour. Technically some colours will show the matte finish effect more prominent than other colours… so whatever do I mean by this?

Ok, here is an example: Say for instance you have applied and painted your nails with a neon colour. Neon, is a bright colour within itself, right? So, the matte top coat will make the colour a DULL, but BRIGHT colour. If you take for instance a black, which is so familiar with the matte finish…. the black will be pale (matte) without the shine, so also will be red and pink and so on… Unlike a neon colour you won’t be able to tone it down as much as the effect you will have with a dark colour like blue or black, where you will have a prominent matte finish.

So, for those you will go for this look. It is ready for purchase on our website at:




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