Peel off – Nail Latex

For all the art lovers out there….

We also have the new Peel off Nail Latex available for purchase.

All the art lovers when doing nail art will know exactly what this product is and how to use it! For those who don’t know, here it is..

The Nail latex will protect your cuticle and finger skin area around the cuticle from any spills and mishaps when doing nail art. Certain techniques and methods that are used to create certain nail arts, to make a mess is a given, so you will neat protection from these deliberate ways of creating nail art and making a mess around the cuticle areas.

So in order to avoid the messy clean-up afterwards, you will simply remove the layer of dry nail latex around the skin on the cuticle area and your finger and skin will be instantly clean. A oops on the cuticle area has never been SO easy to pull away and removed. Cleaned! Walla!

Give this product a try. Especially if you are going to use a sponge or rubber nail stamp to create different kinds of nail arts. The cuticle area will be protected and easy to clean.

Available for purchase online on our Logik Gel Polish website at:




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