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Some people are very comfortable with the idea of online purchasing, but some are not easily convinced due to certain personal reasons. The reasons will be different from person to person. Online purchasing came along to make life a little easier for you. All kinds of products today on the market are just a “CLICK” away and all you have to do is wait for the door bell to ring or to look at your nearest Post Office, to receive your order. Always make certain that the company you buy from is legit. Adapt with the times, we must!

The Nail House also ventured out on their websites to provide the opportunity for you to buy nail products online. Here is how we can move forward together . . .


I am going to go through the very easy steps with you for the LOGIK GEL POLISH WEBSITE to assist you in the very easy way to purchase online:

  1. Click on Products
  2. Click on a Product Category
  3. Browse the Products available in that Category
  4. Click on the Product of interest
  5. Add to Cart
  6. When finished with your shopping the shopping bag on the left side, will show the number of items purchased
  7. Click on Shopping Bag
  8. View Purchase
  9. Click Checkout
  10. Enter Shipping address
  11. Enter Payment Method
  12. View Order
  13. Place Order

If you have selected the EFT Payment option: Kindly e-mail your proof of payment to: The same e-mail your order will go to.  Always follow up on your order and phone for the courier tracking number of your parcel at: 051 – 433 2554. 

That was easy enough, right? You can easily place your order with piece of mind!

Logik GEL brochure AUGUST 2012






5 thoughts on “Online Purchasing

  1. Rochelle Linden

    Hi I want to purchase online some different colours, kindly please mail me the price list for logic gel polish..

    1. Admin Post author

      Hi Rochelle,
      The price list was send to your e-mail.
      Kindly take note that the prices are next to each item on the website under the Products Category, while you do your shopping online.


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