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Why Logik Gel Polish is different from any gel nail polish on the market today!

Most Gel Nail Polish Brands on the market today


  • Can not restore the C-curve on the nails, because of the thin and weak consistency
  • Can not be applied directly onto a tip without the support of another nails system, like acrylic, at the bottom
  • Can not properly seal any raised nail art, like gems, if you love nail art, you'll love Logik Gel Nail Polish


  • The specific gel polish brand has a very thin, polish-like consistency
  • It runs easily into the cuticle area and
  • Has lifting issues!

If this sounds like the gel polish you are using, then you need to change to


  • Logik Gel Nail Polish is NOT just another gel nail polish
  • It's a gel in an easy polish bottle application and performs exactly like a gel by:
    1. Supporting weak, thin natural nails to enhance growth
    2. Applying it DIRECTLY onto any tip application
    3. Restoring the C-curve with our Special Logik Base Coat
  • Use solely LOGIK GEL POLISH for all nail requirements and full support on:
    1. Natural nails
    2. Artificial tips
    3. Sealing any nail art

Apply Logik Gel Polish DIRECTLY onto any tip or nail surface
according to your need of application!

It's the only nail system you will ever need with reduced curing time!

Embrace the new way of doing nails!

LOGIK GEL POLISH, the revolutionary LED nails system for our generation!

Logik Gel Nail Polish Advantages:

  • A quality NAIL POLISH product that performs like a GEL
  • Logik Gel Nail Polish is not only just another gel nail polish, it is the leader in LED nail technology
  • No damage to the natural nail
  • Safe and healthy to use by anyone
  • Quick and easy application
  • Thin and natural looking
  • Supports weak, thin natural nails
  • Enhances personal appearance
  • Durable and strong
  • A Unique product to apply directly over any artificial nail tips or extensions
  • Can be applied over any nail system, Acrylic, gel, fibre, silk, to enhance the nail appearance, with Logik's funky colours
  • Can apply one Logik gel polish colour over another, like a pearl colour over a mat colour, to create a new look
  • Create stylish nail art and two-tone nail art
  • Chip free
  • LASTS! Grows out with the natural nail
  • Quick and easy to remove, 15 min soak off time
  • Affordable, compared to other products on the market
  • Cures in 30 seconds
  • Logik Gel Polish performs as a LED nail system on its own
  • Logik Gel Polish is a unique product to provide all nail service and applications needed
  • D.I.Y kits available for Business and Home use
  • Training tutorials video's available to learn and empower yourself
  • Less product usage
  • Less intensive labour
  • Cost effective, save money and time

Many other gel polish products on the market today have limited capabilities, restricting them to a natural nail overlay only, because it is very thin, and performs more like a polish than a gel. Any usage beyond this, you will need the support of another nail system to sustain their polish product and its performance.

Not with LOGIK! Use LOGIK GEL POLISH solely to perform all your nail duties and to fore fill all nail requirements! Logik Gel Polish is strong enough to sustain itself, whether you apply tips or creating art.