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Should you wish to become a Stockist for Logik Gel Polish, kindly complete and submit the "FIND OUT MORE" Form below in full. Please provide us with your full contact details as well as the Country you reside in. We will forward to you the relevant information, to qualify and become a Stockist for Logik Gel Polish anywhere in the world. As a new Stockist you will have to purchase the Stockist Beginners Kit to introduce and demonstrate the Logik Gel Polish to potential clients.

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The Nail Industry is vastly and rapidly changing with the end user in mind. This is due to greatly advanced and safe technology with the use of products, without intensive training necessary. Logik Gel Polish is a remarkable and reliable products. It is unlike any other gel polish on the market.

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Here's what you get in THE Start Up Kit

Code Quantity Description
GP/SK 4 x Starter Kit - Logik
    Consisting Of:
    1 x Top Coat - 10ml
    1 x Special Base Coat - 10ml
    1 x Gel Polish Colour of Choice - 10ml
    1 x P.F. Bond - 10ml - FREE
    1 x Nail Prep - 50ml - FREE
GP 30 x Logik gel polish - Assorted Colours - 10ml
BC 10 x Logik Special Base Coat - 10ml
TC 10 x Logik Top Coat - 10ml
NH/LED3 2 x LED Lamp - 12W
NH125 4 x Acetone - 500ml
NH127 4 x Menda Pump
NH31/S 4 x Cuticle Oil - 10ml
NH179/PF 4 x P.F. Bond - 10ml
NH88 4 x Nail Prep - 200ml
NH138 2 x Dusting Brush
NH13/S 4 x Sanding Block white
NH9S 4 x Fantasy file
NH133/S 2 x Silver Cuticle trimmer with scew blade
NH250 2 x Toe Separators - p/pair
NH12 2 x Orange Sticks
NH23 2 x Ruby stone
1H1C 2 x Cuticle Pusher Metal
NH113/G 4 x Nail Wipes Gauze
NH1/C1 2 x Stand - Takes 24 Logik Bottles
NH/CE 2 x Painted Colour Sticks for Logik Colours
NH/DVD - L 1 x DVD - Logik-Gel-Polish Training Tutorial
NH/DVD - LP 1 x DVD - Logik Promotional DVD
  20 x Brochures for Logik - FREE

Please inquire about all the marketing materials available for Logik Gel Polish. Advertising and marketing materials available are the following: Brochures, Posters, Window Stickers, Business Cards, Banners, Logik Travel Bags, DVD of Logik Application Training Tutorial, and DVD of Logik Promotional Information. Please enquire if you are interested in any advertising materials for a quotation.

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