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Peel Off Nail Polish

Questions and Answers about Logik-Gel Nail Polish

(Should you not find the answers you are looking for on this information page, please fill in the form below and ask your questions. One of our experts will gladly assist you.)

Question: Is nail preparation important?
Answer: Yes. Improper nail preparation can cause nail damage and is very important for the longevity of the gel polish. Improper nail preparation will also cause lifting if excess cuticle debris is left on the nail bed.

Question: Should I buff my nails?
Answer: This step is unnecessary. We would recommend using the product first without buffing. If you decide that this may help the gel polish longevity on your nails, then only very light buffing should be undertaken to just barely remove the shine from the nail surface with a fine soft grit buffing block.

Question: What can I use to increase the gel polish adhesion on my nails?
Answer: Use our Super P.F. Bond to increase product adhesion. This product works like double sided tape. Once you have applied it on prepared natural nails, wait for one minute before proceeding with your gel polish application, starting with the special Logik base coat. The P.F. Bond should be tried sparingly with a dry brush application or only where you need it on areas of problem finger nails; Mostly the free edge area. P.F bond does not go onto an artificial tip.

Question: I have a nail lamp. Can I use my current nail lamp to cure the Logik Gel Polish?
Answer: Yes, providing that the type of lamp you use have the correct wattage and you cure the layers in the correct curing times. Logik Gel Polish cures for 30 seconds in a 12 Watt, LED lamp or for 2 minutes in a 36 Watt, UV lamp.

Question: What is the purpose of the cuticle oil?
Answer: It is critical to moisturize nails at least once a day. Try our amazing cuticle oil with anti-oxidant and healing properties.

Question: What can cause damage to my nails?
Answer: The product itself can't cause damage but rather the way we work on our nails. Do not pick or peel your gel polish off from your nails. This will take a thin layer off from your natural nail and eventually will cause noticeable damage to your nails. You don't want to use any rough files on the nail plate. Do not over file or over buff your natural nails. You will remove the top protective layer from the nail plate. Do not force the product off or scrape the nail while soaking. Re-wrap and wait a little bit longer for the gel polish to completely flake off and soak off from the nail. Be patient with the soaking process. Nails should not be used as tools. Be reasonable with the use of your hands and nails.

Question: Why did the gel polish lift on the sides/back/nail surface?
Answer: It is imperative that you apply the Logik Gel Polish neatly and on the nail surface only. Do not flood the cuticles. Also improper nail preparation with oils and stubborn cuticle debris left on the nails can cause lifting. Application is too thick, keep all layers thin.

Question: Why did the gel polish lift in the front?
Answer: Use the P.F. Bond to increase product adhesion on problem free edge fingernails. If your nails grow in a curve down or in, keep nails short before where the curving starts. Seal the free edge with the capping method to prevent lifting. Or you application is too thick.

Question: I battle to soak off my gel polish. What could be the problem?
Answer: You didn't break the Logik Top Coat seal on top with a rough grit file before wrapping in foil. You buffed the natural nail too much during preparation. You used too much P.F. Bond over the whole nail. This can make the removal difficult and add a few minutes to your soak off time. Try using the P.F. Bond sparingly on problem areas only on the fingernails. Apply heat with a warm water bag or beanbag on your fingers while soaking. This will speed up the process.

Question: Why does the gel polish shrink back on my nail?
Answer: When applying the Logik Special Base Coat layer, make sure that the layer is thin and even over the nail plate and cap the free edge and cure. When you start with the Logik Colour overlay the colour will shrink back to the coverage of the Base Coat. The Logik Base Coat application is very important for the rest of your layers. Paint slowly and neatly every time. Remove any mishaps from the skin and cuticles with a toothpick or orange stick, before curing.

Question: How do I get the tacky residue off from the nails after curing?
Answer: Wipe off from the nail with gauze wipes and Nail Prep for a high gloss shine.

Question: Why did my gel polish colour fade?
Answer: Improper curing. Not enough wattage or curing time. Make sure you place your hand in the lamp and then switch it on; it is only 30 seconds per layer. You will need the full LED light exposure. Also extensive sun exposure over a period of time of wear, as we go about our normal days.

Question: Why did my gel polish dry up in the bottle?
Answer: You might have left it open for too long. You placed it near the LED or UV lamp. Any other exposure to heat and/or sun the gel polish came in contact with.

Question: Why does colour come off when I remove the sticky layer?
Answer: Possibly some areas of the nail were missed when the Topcoat was applied. There will be some pigment in the sticky layer when wiping with the gauze and Nail Prep. Can also be an indication that you are not getting the optimal curing on the nail surface?

Question: Why is my Top Coat dull after wipe?
Answer: The Top Coat is too thin. Try not to press too hard on the brush, apply with light even strokes and cap the free edge. Wiping more than one nail at a time with the same gauze, it is better to fresh wipe each nail. The sticky residue is left on the gauze wipe. Make sure you have your hand placed in the lamp uninterrupted for the whole duration of the cure.

Question: Can I apply Logik Gel Polish directly over tips?
Answer: Yes. After tip application, start with the Special Base Coat and restore the C-curve on the tip and continue with the colour overlay. Seal with Top Coat.

Question: I am a nail biter. How can the product help me?
Answer: Apply a full set of tips. The tips, with a length not too long, will protect your nail bed and give you some nail length. Continue with a Logik Gel Polish overlay. After about two weeks you should see great improvement on your natural nails. During this time you will also be learning ways to divert the urge to bite or pick, as your nails look so pretty and you want to keep them that way. Use our amazing cuticle oil daily for visible great results on your nails and cuticles. After you have soaked you will notice a huge difference on your nails as well as some nail growth. You can decide to apply a full set of tips again to give it chance to grow out even further or do a Logik overlay on your own natural nails for natural nail support and to enhance natural nail growth.

Question: Why are there bubbles on my nails after the gel polish application?
Answer: Do not shake the polish bottle. After travelling, allow the bottles to stand for a while to let air bubbles settle that formed inside of the gel polish bottle. Air bubbles in the product will create air bubbles on the nails during curing. Make sure hands are dry after wipe with Nail Prep or a wet manicure. Allow all moisture on the nail bed to evaporate completely. Thinner, fewer strokes. Apply thin layers; do not apply layers too thick. Each layer needs the correct curing time to dry completely before the next layer is applied. Make sure the gel polish layers are receiving the correct curing time and wattage.

Question: How long will the gel polish last on my nails?
Answer: Logik can last for up to 3 to 4 weeks. Do proper preparation and product application as indicated. Look after your hands and nails.

Question: Why are my nails sticky after the P.F. Bond application?
Answer: After you apply the P.F. Bond it will be sticky on the nail surface, do not wipe off, this is normal. Wait for one minute before proceeding with the Logik Gel Polish Special Base Coat.

Question: My LED Lamp is not working. What could be the problem?
Answer: Plug in the LED Lamp. Switch on the plug. The blue light time indicator on top of the LED Lamp will light up. Press the "30S" Button (30 seconds) to set the curing time. Place hand inside of the LED lamp. Push down the pink protection cover over your hand to protect your eyes from the sharp light. Only now press the "ON" Button. The LED lamp will go on and the 30 seconds blue light time indicator on the top of the LED Lamp will now start to count backwards from 30, 29, 28, 27, 26, 25, 24, 23, 22, 21, 20, 19, 18, 17, 16, 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The LED lamp will automatically switch off when it reaches the 000 mark. Lift the pink protective cover and remove hand from LED lamp. Repeat when necessary.

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